It’s time for “Seiya” Lil’ Brat Records” (Lit’ Brat Records) to work on the first single.

It’s time for “Seiya”
Lil’ Brat Records” (Lit’ Brat Records) works on the first single.

record label Lil’ Brat Records” By the administration of “Pete Thongchua and Jeng Wilailak Thongchua After releasing the song “MiNi HEART (Mini Heart)” and “Get Like Me” of “Miya Pitcha Thongchua” Came out as the first artist Today is the time of “Seiya-Nichada Thongchua”
After Seiya went on a show “Crying Across the Wall” The Wall Song, sung in a duet with “Jeff Sator” Pete Thongchua posted a message “It’s your time, bae” ( “It’s time, child.”) andToday has arrived, the day of “Seiya”

The first song of “Seiya” It should come out for you to listen to soon. Making music, writing songs, going into various recording studios. It’s almost 80% ready. The remaining 20% ​​are probably details about the images. The story of the look, mood and tone, photography that will be used to promote along with this first song. Go listen today. “Pete Thongchua” Let’s talk about this work.

Mr. Pete Thongchua and Ms. Jeng Wilailak Thongchua

How many years has Lil’ Brat Records been in operation? How is work now?
Mr. Pete; “Our label has been open for 4 years now, starting with Miya where we released songs. ‘MiNi HEART’ (first single) and ‘Get like me’ (2nd single) We did it because of the kids. Both of them like to sing and dance. They both studied singing and dancing when they were 5-6 years old. As they studied, they were posted on various social platforms. By the age of 11-12, they had started making friends. More and more people are following him. and saw various developments So we started coming together to make songs for him. And plus we have a good producer and a good team. We can’t listen to each other anymore. Let’s do it seriously. Miya himself is quite aware of what he likes and what he wants to do. What kind of music, what style do you like? Looks, concepts for various events. Contact and coordinate with the team and people who will work together with him. When it comes to making music, the stylists and directors handle it themselves. Seiya will help each other in various matters as well, doing it ourselves, but if there is a problem that we have both parents help decide and think together, we are ready to go down and help him immediately. Because we always tell our kids that neither of us are good at music. But we will both provide support in various management matters. Which is mainly And the person who is the art director will be Seiya from the beginning. At that time he was only 15 years old.”
Khun Jeng ; “At that time, Seiya herself was also in Korea. Thinking, designing, and various ideas were finished by her. They will go online, submit various work, talk to each other, meet together, work across the country. And another person is a relative of Jeng who works in computer graphics. I will be there to coordinate. and work together in Thailand That is, 3 people working through notebooks, each working together with Seiya, Miya, and another person, which is like talent. It can be said that when Seiya was 9 years old, he started editing videos. What is a simple piece of work? Now it’s his thing. Like a child, take pictures of the little ones and make a short video clip. Let’s cut down the sound and do it ourselves. and then put it online that saw various clips where Nong covers the song What kind of clips? It’s all Seiya’s own work. We saw that he had this ability. and learn more I’ve been doing stories about these things all along. Maybe it’s something he’s liked since childhood. And in our house, Pete Jeng, if we see that our children Whatever story you like, we will support and promote it to the utmost. Like if he likes singing, likes dancing, then we’ll go study together and do it to the fullest. I want to work in editing, behind the scenes, filming clips, making various content. We are ready and we provide the tools. Computers are provided for use.”

Pee Pete himself, as a person in the entertainment industry who has worked in acting all my life How do you feel when you see your children here?

Mr. Pete; “Actually, if you ask me, I don’t want him to work in the industry. Or come and do something related to entertainment. Because people who work in entertainment are tired. I myself have been through that. We know it’s tiring, requires dedication, and discipline. We must practice and develop ourselves all the time. But when I saw that this was what he liked. He loves what he wants to do. happy to do it And when it’s their time, we are ready to support them fully, both Miya and Seiya. For example, when Seiya got the opportunity to go experience in Korea, we told him to do his best. And when he came back, we talked and let’s focus on studying first. Let’s talk about the music later. Being an artist Fortunately, he knows what he likes, what he wants to do, what he wants to study. And he himself is quite well studied. He is good at studying, he is diligent in his studies. So it’s enough to choose what he wants to study. When we talked, sometimes he wanted to be a doctor. Are you a dentist? I want to be all kinds of things at different times. We talked about Seiya’s talent in art and she loves to do things like this. So let’s try to study this area to make it come out to the fullest and come out the best. Once you have a master’s degree, you can study administrative work. You will be strong in your career. Now he is studying at Sipakorn University. I’m 19 years old. I’m in my 3rd year of study. My academic results are good. Very good too. As for music, Seiya still has covers, sings, and makes content with Miya. She’s always sung for fun, not abandoning what she loves. Find the most appropriate direction and timing. That is, our camp is not an industry. It came together during this period that we would have a first single for Seiya.”

Is it a good moment? It’s time for “Seiya” to release her first song of her own?

Khun Jeng ; In fact, there may be people who think that Being Pete’s son Being the child of a star or actor, people would think that things would be easy for them to get, both opportunities and work. But for Seiya herself, As a 15-year-old kid at the time, when he had to go to Korea for training, he had to go through a lot. Very few people would go through something like this. He himself had always been struggling. Until today, I myself am excited. Please help him to know when today will be Seiya’s moment. Trying to get him back to doing what he loves. Previously, Jeng saw that Nong thought that he was not ready, that he was sick, that he had gained weight. He had been indoctrinated until it became my set that being a singer must be like this. Jeng understands what the child thinks. How does he feel? What pressures are there? We both care and must understand him at the same time. and ready to give power give support Let him finally come back to doing what he loves and likes.”
What was the process like when working on Seiya’s first song?
Khun Jeng ; “It happened to be a producer who works for Seiya. It’s someone we’ve talked to since before you went to Korea. At that time, we had already prepared songs that we would do for the younger sibling. But you yourself have to travel to Korea. So we stopped there for now and kept the work there. And when you come back and were ready to come make music, so let’s talk again Then take the work that we thought about and talk about and develop it again. With Seiya we talked about it being time for us to pursue our dreams. Let’s work on music. Then we started working with our original producer.”

Pee Pete posted to Seiya. “It’s time, child” ( iT S YOUR TIME, BAE )?
Khun Jeng ; In fact, with the word “It’s time, it’s time”, Seiya himself from the beginning should have had the time to have a music career and have a single before the younger guys, but it happened that he himself had a path to take, to train to be an artist. And when he came back, we talked and let him rest, take care of himself, and wait for the time that was the most appropriate time for him. My younger sister, Miya, has already produced some work. Nong Rotor also has a career as a car racer. Do what he loves. Going to compete at an international level where his future self already knows what he wants to be. And do well with practice, dedication, determination, trying to do your best. Here, Seiya, we all think that this is the most suitable good time. The body, mind, and readiness, everything is perfect. Seiya is ready to do what he loves most. Because when it comes to singing, being able to think and create something related to music, Mom and Dad have seen it all the time since we took him to take singing lessons. Which is what he likes, loves it, wants to do it, sings and is happy every time. Since childhood, we have always seen this. It was a sign that always told us that this was his dream that never went away. And today is Seiya’s time.”

Next we will see the picture. Do siblings sing together? In the next work, 2 girls, or maybe all 3, will work together?
Khun Jeng ; This is something that fans have asked a lot, and many times, people who have met and people who know us have asked if the two of them or their three children live together and know each other the most closely. Will there be an event? Is there a song you sang that you made together? We think that they are a pair of siblings who should be able to do what they love together. There are songs that we sing together There should be some special work. It might be a thing in the near future. But today we are doing Seiya’s work together. Let’s think together and help each other do it.”

P’ Pete and P’ Jeng, as parents, have you ever thought that all three of your children have good skills? To follow in your father’s footsteps in terms of acting?
Mr. Pete; Here, it’s up to me. Whether they like it or not, do they want to do it, do they want to have experience working in the entertainment industry, all three of them.”
Mr. Jeng added that; We see that the person who we like about acting, movies, dramas, and series is probably Miya. And he himself tried acting in one movie when he was 15, but that time might have been Covid timing. Miya liked it. He enjoyed it and loved that he wanted to do it. For example, Rotor himself has been thinking about contacting me a lot, coming in to talk, always asking if I’d like to try having him play and cast. We asked him and he said that right now he would like to focus on being a racer first. But in the future, at a good time that’s perfect, I’m not sure. All 3 of them can talk. We both don’t have anything to do with giving our children something to do and have a good experience.”
Mr. Pete; “We are about to fly to compete in Korea. And it happened that the team we belong to also has a company that works in the entertainment field. He arranged for us to take pictures. Make a profile as well. But Rotor himself asks that it’s okay, but he doesn’t sing. He may not be good at it. Over there, we planned to make Nong Rotor a race car driver who is also a celebrity. Going to events and shooting commercials, we will be filming at a studio in Korea.”

How do your parents feel about their 3 children growing up and doing what they love?
Mr. Pete; As fathers, we are happy, proud, and it is the day we have been waiting for a long time. We want to see our children grow.
Khun Jeng ; If talking about Seiya herself. Today is the day we have been waiting for a very long time. I want him to have it today. Because he himself has been through a lot for him at this age. He went through so much that at some point he almost gave up on this dream. I don’t want to do it anymore, so I’ll stop first. Just for now, both of us and the 2 younger siblings encourage him to fight. Let him get up and do it. Have strength and energy to want to come back and do it again. by himself With his heart, Pee Pete; We know today he is ready to do it. Because like the staff, the music team, the people who worked in various areas on this single Seiya is the one who does all the talking and coordination. What kind of song, what style, what kind of look do you want for this single? What is the concept for making the MV? What will the images look like? You will be the one who talks with older siblings and friends, thinking together and presenting ideas. Various opinions You can say that it’s all Seiya herself. Both of us are helping from a distance, watching over him.”
Khun Jeng ; From the point of view of record label management Both of us consider that we made the right decision and were lucky to have an artist who is dedicated to his work, attentive and attentive in every step of his work. As for parents, we can say that ….We raise children. We are relieved of our tiredness when we see him grow. What are you doing seriously? Not afraid of being tired Coping with tasks that require a lot of energy He wakes up early to go to work, dresses up, goes on set, sings, acts, and works hard. There’s also the fact that he might be stubborn. There is something that is not understood. But we were able to find a point where we could talk, a middle ground, tune in to each other. Enter and understand us. We have to understand him, his age. We can be both his parents and his friends. We are proud that we were able to train and guide him so he could do it. Earn his own income, have a YouTube channel, film and edit and do it yourself. He made the songs he loved. Another person became the racer he wanted to be. Everything must be traded off by having to do it yourself. Jeng and P’Pete raised their children in their own way, each person being their own person, daring to think, daring to do, daring to say what they want to do, daring to express themselves, with us taking care of and supporting them.”

Expect this work How was the release of this single?
Phi Pete; Actually, I want him to do his best. Our success is The fact that Seiya got her first sigle Master finished. The MV has finished filming and has been edited. The work is satisfactory. He is the most himself. He’s been through a lot and doing this work feels like we’ve moved Seiya to another level in his life. This is his own journey with his fans, the people who love him, the people who support him, watch and wait for him, everyone who supports him will lead him to reach his dreams. Go to what he loves and encourage him.”

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